Night out HuMn Style

Make Your Next Night out HuMn Style! So another weekend is here, and you’re dressed to impress. Hair done, nails done, everything did done, but now the hassles of having to lug around your heavy purse is making you re-think that no-pockets dress. With new accessories hitting the market everyday, it’s a wonder a lot … Read More

For the Bros

This One’s For the Bros As a groom, there are only a few things you have to worry about besides getting to the church on time. One of your major responsibilities—other than saying ‘I do’—is finding the right gift for your groomsmen. These are your bros, the ones that have stuck by you through thick … Read More

Modern Minimalism

Modern Minimalism- Changing the world for the simple minded As technology evolves and vast world of the Internet is so readily available, it seems we have emerged into a lifestyle that is over embellished and overcomplicated.  We are creating a feeling of confusion in terms of what do I wear, what’s new on T.V. or … Read More

RFID/Smart Cards

Don’t Judge a Card By Its Name Smart cards, or RFID credit cards, have been making their mark in the ever-growing technology market, providing ease to the consumer when it comes to making purchases. But with great benefits comes a downfall too big to overlook. Smart cards work by attaching a tiny microchip that contains … Read More

Travel Like a Local

As a traveler, I know being abroad can turn into a bad situation fast. You’re in an unknown place, hearing a foreign language, trying to find that one tourist attraction everyone has told you to check out (and don’t even thinking about losing that map buddy.) The last thing I want to worry about is … Read More