Discover HuMn


We created a wallet that would adapt to the needs of the modern world. Our design provides all the necessary functions of a wallet and eliminates the bulkiness and inconveniences of traditional wallets. The HuMn Wallet is practical by allowing access to the items you need in a concise and efficient manner.


Redesigning The Wallet


The HuMn design has incorporated an aluminium or carbon fiber plate and durable elastic shock strap to take the place of a traditional leather bi-fold wallet.
Products_detailBoth aluminium and carbon fiber plates protect against RFID skimming by providing protection of your identity and credit cards.


Quick Demos

View the demo to illustrate the usage of a HuMn Wallet with one plate.

View how a three plate HuMn Wallet creates additional space to organize different cards. The third plate allows separation between content in your wallet.