Polycarbonate - HuMn (M)ini


Sale: Free plus Shipping and Handling of $9.95 each.  Maximum quantity of 10. If the system doesn't charge you the $9.95 (times number of wallets ordered) we will collect it before we ship or cancel your order.

Injection molded high-grade impact resistant plastic.
Doesn't include RFID shielding.
1-year warranty.

Holds up to 6 cards in the interior & has additional room on the front and back.
With an Expansion Plate you can hold an additional 4-5 cards.

Slightly larger than credit card size.

Width: 3.80″ (96.52mm)
Height: 2.53″ (64.26mm)
Thickness per 2 plate wallet: 0.10″ (2.54mm)
Weight: Ultra lightweight

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