The modern, slim, RFID secure HuMn wallets make it easy to carry everything you need, anywhere you need to go. We set out to reinvent the traditional wallet by creating an entirely fresh design The HuMn Wallet is also the only wallet on the market that allows you to fully customize your wallet however you want on the fly.


The HuMn Wallet oozes a level of cool and awesomeness that crosses genders and age groups. We’ve even heard several of our very happy customers call it, "the cool kid’s wallet!"

The HuMn Wallet is lightweight, secure, slim, and designed to go where you go. Put it in your front pocket, slip it into your purse, or clip it onto your backpack. Our wallet is perfect in any situation from the beach, to bar, to the boardroom.



The HuMn Wallet was born out of necessity and lots of traveling. Being two dudes on the go, we’ve tried almost every type of wallet, money clip, card case, and wallet mutation out there.

While some card cases hold cash and cards, business cards often wouldn’t fit. Some wallets could handle cash and business cards, but required the user to stack them on top of each other, which meant that you had to pull out all of your cards to find the one you were looking for. Then there were the other types of wallets that could only hold a fixed number of cards and cash.

All of the wallets we tried had a common problem, while they might start out "looking" slim, they would take on the usual bloated appearance once we loaded everything into them. It didn't matter if it was cheap or expensive; they all fell short in one way or another. To make things worse, almost all of the wallets out there didn't even protect against RFID skimming.



For all of the technological advances that are supposed to make life easier, it’s amazing at just how little the traditional bi-fold wallet has changed. They’re still made out of material that eventually will wear out and dictate to the user how the wallet is used and how much it can hold. Should a person want an RFID shielding wallet, the choices (before the HuMn Wallet) sacrificed style and form factor over protection.

Unlike most traditional wallet systems, our patented HuMn Wallet compression and minimal design system allows people the freedom of choice that other wallets simply don’t. What’s more, the HuMn Wallet retains a level of style and sophistication that updates what a wallet should be for modern times and people.

We understand that life is dynamic and that your needs can change very quickly. The HuMn Wallet is designed to match your changing needs without being cumbersome. For daily use, it can be used as two plate wallet to keep just the items that you always need on you. For those times when you’re out and need to only carry a few items, the HuMn Wallet can be broken down to a single plate to maximize its minimal form. If you are accustomed to carrying more items in your wallet, additional HuMn Wallet plates can be added to help create dividers and additional compartments – all while still keeping a clean and minimal aesthetic.


We thought long and hard about what we would want in a modern, ultra slim wallet. It had to be adaptable to any situation and environment, securely hold the items you placed in it and protect them at all times. It had to be made out of a material that you could wipe down if it got wet without having to wait for it to dry. It had to have as little stitching as possible, because that's where most wallets start to fail - at the seams. It had to allow for easy access and let us see all of our cards at a quick glance, without having to pull all of them out to find the right one, and the design still had to look amazing.

After many tests and prototypes we've arrived. Whether you’re out for a run, at the beach, at work, or traveling, The HuMn Wallet does what a modern day wallet should do while exuding that rare kind of cool that makes it suitable and awesome in any situation.



  • Lightweight
  • Protects against RFID skimming
  • Adapts to the user
  • Minimally designed
  • Low profile
  • Won’t turn into a portable receipt holder
  • Isn’t limited to a fixed number of cards
  • Works for right and left handed people
  • Can handle any climate and environment
  • Will never wear out
  • Allows easy access to cash, credit, and business cards


    Yes it's a real thing. That big bulky wallet protruding out of your back pocket is the likely culprit. Officially called Piriformis syndrome, it’s a condition that can be caused or aggravated by sitting with a large wallet in the rear pocket and can lead to some pretty hefty medical bills.

    This is why we designed The HuMn Wallet be front pocket wallet. Keeping your wallet in your front pocket is better for your back and also a more secure way to carry your wallet.